How to get to Danube River Cruise

Budapest is best navigated on foot or via public transportation. 

Walking around the city’s neighborhoods will allow you to take in the old architecture. 

However, you can rely on Budapest’s robust public transit infrastructure to travel around town, including the meeting point of your scenic Danube River cruise.

The metro is the quickest and easiest method to get around.

However, the tram is a more convenient alternative to the metro if you want to enjoy the stunning scenery.

Different cruises have different Danube River Cruise meeting points, but most start from a dock on the Pest side of the city. 

On the Pest side, several docking stations lie next to the Elizabeth Bridge, Chain Bridge, and Margaret Bridge. 

The popular one-hour sightseeing cruise with a complimentary welcome drink starts from Dock 42. 

The North side of Dock 42, located about 800 m north of Margaret Bridge, has an illuminated sign with LED panels. 

You will find the correct spot on the Danube River Budapest cruise using navigation software or maps. 

The daytime and the evening Danube sightseeing cruise with a multilingual audio guide and drink starts from Dock 7, Jane Haining rakpart, Budapest. 

You can reach Dock 7 from the nearby tram stop, Petfi tér, or walk 10 minutes from the metro stop Ferenciek Tere.

Another evening tour with unlimited Prosecco and an audio guide for attractions docks is on Carl Lutz Rakpart, some 500 meters from the Pest side of Margaret Bridge. 

To reach the dock station of any cruise, you can use any public transport in Budapest or grab a taxi.  

How to get to the Danube River Cruise by Tram?

One of the best ways to travel and explore Budapest is by tram. 

Trams can transport you everywhere you need to go quickly and comfortably.

Budapest’s trams and buses run all night long, unlike the metro. 

Budapest has more than 30 tram lines, but lines – 2, 4, and 6 are the major tram lines you will need to explore the city.

Even if there is a little bit more raucous behavior than there is during the day, riding the tram at night is usually safe.

How to get to the Danube River Cruise by Metro?

The answer is below if you are wondering how to get to the Danube River Cruise by train.

Another quick and economical way to travel to your cruise dock station or starting point is to use the Budapest metro.

The metro operates from 4 am to 11 pm, with trains arriving every 2 to 15 minutes, depending on the time of day.

The metro connects the airport, railway, and the Buda and Pest side of the city to various tourist stops and consists of four lines.

Three of the four metro lines meet at one station, the Deák Ferenc Square.

Many Budapest metro stations and Budapest tram stations include ticket machines with an English option that allows you to purchase the desired tickets easily.

Tickets for the Budapest metro are also accepted on the Budapest tram, buses, and ferry (weekdays only).

The Budapest metro ticket price starts from Ft 350 ($1.15) for a single ticket and goes up to Ft 4,950 ($16) for a seven-day travel card. 

Refer to the Budapest metro map for simple navigation. 

How to get to the Danube River Cruise by Taxi?

If you are wondering how to get to the Danube River Cruise by car and need a more convenient and relaxed mode of travel, try getting a taxi. 

It will pick you up from any destination and drop you at the desired docking station for your cruise.

Remember that all licensed taxis in Budapest are yellow. It’s only a legitimate taxi if it’s yellow. 

According to the law, all taxis in Hungary must charge the same fare but may find drivers charging more.

The legal base fare is Ft 700 ($2.30), the price per kilometer is Ft 300 ($1), and the waiting time price per minute is Ft 75 ($0.25). 

There is no Uber in Budapest.

How to get to the Danube River Cruise by Bus?

With its extensive bus network, Budapest has over 200 bus routes serving almost the entire city.

If you are wondering how to get to the Danube River Cruise by bus, the 16, 16A, and 116 bus lines are the most helpful to tourists. 

The buses run 24 hours a day and are a convenient way to reach your hotel after a late-night sightseeing cruise or a boat party over the Danube

From the airport, you can reach Deak Ferenc Square, the intersection station of three metro lines, by taking the airport shuttle bus 100E.

However, you need to buy a special ticket for the 100E airport bus.

Alternatively, use a standard public transportation ticket to board the 200E airport bus to the Nagyvarad Ter Budapest metro station.

If you plan to travel by Budapest public transport, download the BKK Futar mobile application for extra convenience.

You can buy tickets or passes for public transport, including bus, metro, and train, online through the app. 


Where does the Danube River cruise start?

Danube River sightseeing cruises in Budapest have various starting points, with many beginning at a dock on the Pest side of the city. 

Docking stations near the Elizabeth Bridge, Chain Bridge, and Margaret Bridge are standard. 

One popular one-hour sightseeing cruise with a welcome drink departs from Dock 42.

We recommend checking the specific tour meeting point before your Danube River cruise, as the starting points may vary. 

Where does the Danube meet the Main?

The Danube meets the Main River at the Rhine-Main-Danube canal, a 106-mile-long waterway that connects the two rivers. 

This canal runs from Bamberg via Nuremberg to Kelheim, crossing the European Watershed.

The canal facilitates a seamless traffic flow between the North and Black Seas.

Featured Image: Hungarytoday.hu

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