Best time for Danube River Cruise

The city is brimming with striking historical landmarks that reflect its illustrious histories, such as the Gothic Revival-styled Hungarian Parliament, Matthias Church with neo-Gothic influences, and Budapest Castle with medieval construction. 

The Danube River divides the city into two parts, Buda and Pest, offering a completely different angle to observe Budapest’s iconic buildings, bridges, and landscape.

A relaxing approach to exploring the World Heritage-listed Hungarian capital city is to take a scenic Danube River cruise.

You can appreciate the city’s beauty from over the Danube any time of the year.

However, the best time to go on a Danube River cruise is March through September.

The most popular season is summer, and the best month for the Danube River cruise is May and June. 

The warm months with unlimited sunshine are packed with tourists as they offer one of the best times for outdoor activities in Budapest.

Both spring and early autumn are great times to enjoy a boat cruise with fewer tourists and affordable accommodations.

The weather on the Danube in August is ideal for sun-seekers who like mildly warm temperatures.

Autumn is a great season to visit the Danube River Cruise in October despite the shorter days and cooler weather on the Danube River. 

If you don’t mind a bit of chilly weather, September is the best time of year for the Danube River cruise and the picturesque city views.

The weather on the Danube in September improves, the crowds disperse, prices decrease, and the water levels largely level out. Wear layers. 

We recommend checking the weather forecast before making a reservation for the Budapest Danube River cruise, as Budapest occasionally receives rains and, at other times, heavy downpours. 

Typically, June receives the maximum amount of rainfall in Budapest.

The cruise will continue as long as the operators monitor the weather well, so there is no need to worry if the weather changes after you have booked a cruise and there is little rainfall.  

However, you will receive a refund if they must cancel the tour due to severe weather.

You may pick a day or nighttime cruise offering food, beverages, entertainment, or even a party over the river. 

Day or Night Cruise?

The option for a river cruise seems unlimited, and it can take time to pick one.

The critical decision is to choose the best time for the cruise. 

Evening and night cruises are trendy due to their enchanting city views. 

These cruises display beautifully lit buildings, providing ample opportunities to capture stunning photos. 

Day Danube River cruise offers daylight views of the city with bright blue skies and the shining sun. 

You can enjoy a sightseeing cruise with pizza with unlimited beer or a cruise with a stopover at Margaret Island. 

Another option is to combine a river cruise with another outdoor activity, such as biking to Szentendre or touring the area.

You must take a river cruise in the evening to see Budapest at its most beautiful and illuminated at dusk.

Night or evening cruises over the Danube usually offer more options in terms of entertainment.

You can opt for a candlelight dinner cruise, a three or six-course meal cruise, a cruise with dinner and a piano battle, or one with live music and folk performances

You can have drinks on evening tours while watching the sunset over the river.


Here are some frequently asked questions on the best to visit on the Danube River cruise.

What is the prettiest part of the Danube river?

While beauty is subjective, many consider the Danube bend between Esztergom and the Hungarian capital city of Budapest to be the prettiest part of the Danube river. 

The Danube bend offers a stunning blend of rolling hills, lush greenery, and historic landmarks, creating a mesmerizing backdrop for sightseeing.

What are the stops on a Danube river cruise?

A Danube River cruise typically offers sightseeing in Budapest, taking you on a scenic journey to explore various city landmarks. 

While most cruises do not have specific stops along the way, there are a few exceptions. 

One such cruise is the Margaret Island stopover cruise, which allows passengers to explore the beautiful Margaret Island before continuing their cruise along the Danube. 

Which river is prettier: the Danube or Rhine?

With its stunning vistas, the Danube River in Budapest offers breathtaking sightseeing opportunities, making it a popular tourist destination.

Although the Danube is often regarded as slightly more picturesque than the Rhine, personal preference plays a role in determining beauty. 

Which side of the river is best in Budapest?

The best side of the river in Budapest largely depends on personal preferences. 
Buda is considered the classier and more residential side, known for its historical charm and quieter atmosphere. 

On the other hand, Pest is the newer and livelier part of the city, bustling with activity and offering wide boulevards.

What are the best months to do a Danube river cruise?

The best months to do a Danube River cruise are March through September, with May and June being particularly popular. 

Summer is perfect for enjoying abundant sunshine and engaging in outdoor activities. 

On the other hand, spring and early autumn offer fewer crowds and more budget-friendly accommodations. 

September is ideal for picturesque city views, and October is excellent despite cooler weather.

Is it worth getting a balcony on a river cruise?

Yes, it is worth getting a balcony on a river cruise as it provides an enhanced experience for sightseeing cruises. 

A balcony offers breathtaking views, fresh air, and a serene environment to appreciate the river and its surroundings.

Can you wear jeans on a river cruise?

Most sightseeing Danube river cruises allow casual wear, including jeans. 
However, there may be a dress code in place for certain dinner cruises. 

We recommend checking the specific requirements for your cruise to ensure you are appropriately dressed, as stated by the cruise operator.

Which cruise line has the best customer reviews?

While specific customer reviews vary, Portum Lines Cruising is known for its top-rated and well-liked Danube River sightseeing cruises in Budapest.

With its one-hour sightseeing cruise that includes a welcome drink, it has gained positive feedback. 

How do you get a good price on a cruise?

To get a reasonable price on a cruise, consider booking online in advance to take advantage of early bird discounts. 

Doing so lets you compare different options and their prices to find the best value. 

Also, it helps you watch for discount offers and promotions, saving money on your cruise adventure. 

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