Danube River Christmas Market Cruise

Cruises come with a wide variety in Danube. You have normal cruises that are concerned with sightseeing and guided tours as well as more themed, lavish ones.

Another type of enticing cruise is the Danube river Christmas market cruise.

Browse the Christmas markets and enjoy a remarkable time aboard the cruise with Christmas-themed activities.

Many tourists go on the Danube Christmas markets river cruise to explore the holiday cheer up close. It makes for a memorable holiday during festive times.

Find out details about these cruises and enjoy while being prepared with all the arrangements of your vacation taken care of.

What to Expect

In a Christmas market river cruise Danube, visitors get to walk through the decorated Christmas markets and sail through the Danube on a serene cruise.

Take a look at the various items on display in the holiday market and observe and take part in the Christmas shopping in a local town.

Continue your tour through the cruise. Be a passenger on a trip through beautiful sights, famous monuments and calm waters.

The cruises also feature Christmas-styled buffets, songs and dances on holiday-themed songs and more.

Overall, it is a pleasant experience that gets you in touch with the local lives and gives you fond holiday memories.

Other things you can expect on a Danube river Christmas market cruise include:

  • Opportunities to click special selfies with backdrops are not easy to find. Capture the memories of the trip
  • Christmas markets lit up in anticipation of the festival and enthusiastic people shopping around for their family
  • A chance to get a sweet souvenir for yourself from the Christmas markets
  • An evening cruise overlooking the Danube and various monuments.
  • Guided tour on board that explains the history of attractions seen from the cruise and more.
  • A Welcome drink and snacks
  • Drop-off services

Overall, what you can expect from this outing is a Danube river cruise, Christmas markets and a chance to make happy memories on an unforgettable vacation.

What to wear

One thing that should be kept in mind is you should pack lightly. Pack all that is required but do not overdo it when it comes to quantity.

This is because river cruises are not as large scale as oceanic cruises.

Since you will also be touring a Christmas market, try to find clothes that you can wear commonly on the cruise and in the market.

For the activities on the cruise, wearing smart casual will be the right choice.

For the sightseeing part, it is recommended to dress in comfortable wear and according to the weather on the day.

Things like sunscreen, water-resistant shoes and a light rain jacket should be packed along with T-shirts, casual trousers and shorts.

As for the Christmas market tour, for starters, pack a coat that can shield you from the winter weather and keep you warm.

We mentioned footwear that would keep you comfortable on a cruise, but alongside you should also pack footwear that will help you walk comfortably for this tour.

Depending on how cold it may be or feel like, compliment your winter coat with a head cover, feet and ear protection for a stylish yet warming look.

A few sweaters or light layers can also be packed for the cruise as the combination of a windy cruise and cold can give you a tough time if unprepared.

Some small things that you may forget about but should include if necessary include valid identification, medication, skin cream and chargers for electronic gadgets.

Who are these cruises best suited for?

Who are these cruises best suited for
Image: Rivercruiseadvisor.com

Apart from the river cruise Danube Christmas markets are the next most famous thing during the winter season.

Those looking to get both these things done should select a Danube river Christmas market cruise and experience both with one booking.

Usually, cruises attract four types of passengers.

A couple looking for a scenic holiday together for a special and exclusive experience.

Families celebrating joyous occasions together.

Youngsters looking to spend their time off in a way where they can relax and recharge.

Big spenders looking for an emphatic end to the year.

A Danube river Christmas market cruise is best for families and big spenders, but couples and youngsters would most definitely not regret coming on board too.

The market and the cruise combine to make a wholesome vacation for a family where they can get gifts for each other and enjoy aboard.

Big spenders can also enjoy taking home desired valuable items along with an extra-comfortable time on the cruise with many purchasable amenities.

Why visit a Christmas market river cruise?

Why visit a Christmas market river cruise
Image: Getyourguide.com

A Christmas market and a cruise together are a great way to explore local culture and enjoy the best a city has to offer without encountering traffic.

Private tours also allow families to have a moment all to themselves and spend good time with each other in the holidays.

Sightseeing from a cruise includes various attractions, bridges, and even a view of the river itself, which can be soothing.

This cruise + market tour can also be a luxurious holiday if that is what you are looking for and makes for an enjoyable experience filled with lavish comforts.

The souvenirs, gifts, views and other activities make the Christmas market river cruise a premier choice to spend holidays.

This Private Christmas market tour and river cruise is an alluring description of why this experience is a good choice.

Visit the famous Christmas markets of Budapest and learn about local culture and traditions as you do so.

Then, embark on an evening cruise across the stunning Danube and watch the city, its streets and its attractions glow with festive lights.

The market tour is a completely private experience while the cruise will have other guests accompanying you.

Get your hands on cuisine, handmade crafts, festival drinks, jewelry, accessories, decor items and a lot more in the market.

You are also treated to the special chimney cake and a cup of spiced mulled wine.

If you book the tour, along with the cruise and the market, you get to see monuments like the Chain Bridge, Saint Stephen’s Basilica, Vorosmarty Square, Gellert Hill, Buda Castle and other attractions.

As mentioned, there are plenty of opportunities to click stylish and scenic photos and feed on tasty and well-made local food.

You have a professional private guide to accompany you for the tour that lasts a combined 4 hours, 2.5 hours market tour and an hour plus on the evening cruise.

There is also a comforting facility for drop-off. At the end of this special outing, you get transportation to your hotel or wherever you’re residing in Budapest.

With many services and facilities, a tour like this grants you a chance to have one of your best and most enjoyable holiday vacations.

Enjoy the warmth of togetherness, celebration and fun in the winter through a Danube river and market cruise.

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